The charger booster and new 50-150 voltmeter arrived. Four battery
mats arrived.

Determined the changes that have to be made to the front accessory
mounting plate. The charger booster will mount where the charger was
and the charger will be moved to the left. Drilled the new holes and
mounted the charger booster. Drilled a hole in the charger booster's
case and installed a grommet. Routed the wires from the interlock
relay through this grommet. Will require an 8-1/2" by 7" "porch" on
left side of the mounting plate to support the charger in its new
location. Lost a 1/4" flat washer in the front compartment. Replaced
the state-of-charge gauge with the 50-150 voltmeter and reinstalled
in the car.

Picked up the finished battery rack at Industrial Plating. Picked up
two cut-to-size aluminum pieces for the accessory mounting plate
porch at Alaskan Copper and Brass.

Cut thin plastic sheets (aka For Sale signs from the hardware store)
and battery mats to size.

Installed the engine compartment battery rack. Determined the final
routing of the power cables and secured to the rack with cable ties
as planned. Applied weather strip tape to inside of the battery
holddown. Drilled the holes in the porch pieces and the accessory
mounting plate. The porch attaches to the accessory mounting plate
with a 3" by 7" backer plate using #10 flat-head screws. Installed
a 1/4" rivet-nut in the car under the mounting hole in the porch.

Took porch pieces to Industrial Plating to be black anodized.

Drilled an additional mounting hole between the charger booster and
the charger in the mounting plate and installed a matching rivet nut
in the car. Installed a 2-pin connector on the battery wires going
to the charger. Applied vinyl tape over the drain slots on the ends
of the batteries. Removed the engine compartment lid. Used the crane
and the battery puller to install the batteries. Connected the power
cables. Did not interconnect the two batteries. Reinstalled the lid.
The holddown is too flexible and does not work will. Will redesign
and make a new one. Wired the charger booster to the charger. Wired
the charger output to a 2-pin connector and to test points.

Cut pieces for new holddown. Drilled holes. The cross pieces will be
attached with 1/4" flat-head cap screws rather than welded. The new
holddown weighs about 2 pounds more than the old one. Made a jumper
out of 1/16" thick by 1" wide copper strap to interconnect the two
batteries. The jumper is rectangular, about 4" long by 1-1/4" wide
with a 5/8" gap in one long side side, so as to be flexible to allow
the batteries to move around a bit.

Picked up porch pieces from Industrial Plating and dropped off the
new holddown pieces to be powder coated.

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