Cleaned up garage. Converted to woodshop. Contemplated installation
of the battery box vents.

Installed additional cable ties and anchors in engine compartment.

Cut holes in the front battery box for the fan and vent. Routed the
fan cord to the fan. Installed connector on fan cord. Connected the
fan cord. Rerouted fan wiring near charger and applied cable ties.

Cut holes in the rear battery box for the fan and vent. Repaired
the front hood latch assembly by reattaching (with a #6 screw) the
finger plate (the thing you push on with your fingers to release the
hood's safety catch) which had broken off years ago.

Mounted a right-angle-with-mounting-flange fitting on the front
battery box. Located and cut a hole in the front compartment floor
just behind windshield washer reservoir. Primed and undercoated
the disturbed areas. Made two rubber gaskets. Installed a flange and
a gasket inside and a gasket and plate outside. The plate was made
from a flange by cutting off the tubing part. Cut four 2" long
pieces of vent pipe to use to couple the vent hoses to the flanged
fittings. Cut and installed vent hose.

Installed the front battery box with fan and vent. Connected the
power cord to charger. All worked fine. Decided to locate the rear
battery box vent exit in back of left-side seat.

Applied Bostik SuperTak adhesive to the rear of the carpet in the
front compartment near the left side hood hinge.

Installed the rear battery box vent flange et al in the back of the
left rear seat in the same manner as the front. Drilled a few holes
in rear batter rack for cable ties. Drilled a hole in the center
hinge assembly of the back seat for a cable tie. Primed all exposed
metal and painted black. Reinstalled the underlayment and carpet
near the floor on the front of the rear seats using Bostik SuperTak
adhesive. Installed the battery box vent hose. Rerouted power wires
in rear seat area and installed cable ties.

Rerouted the positive power cable across the top of the rear seats
and installed two cable clamps with #10-32 hardware. Undercoated the
clamp mounting hardware in the engine compratment. Made a bracket
out of aluminum angle. Primed and painted flat black. Attached the
bracket to the left rear of the rear battery rack and secured the
positive power cable to it with cable tie. Mounted the fan on the
rear battery box. Secure some loose carpet on the right side of the
passenger compartment with the Bostik adhesive.

Sealed the grommets in the rear seat where the power cables pass
through to the engine compartment with RTV compound.

Removed grill and letters from engine compartment lid. Cleaned up
lid a bit and reinstalled on car. Undercoated the area around where
the power cables enter the engine compartment.

Picked up bumper parts from Hammer Auto Rebuild. Reinstalled the
deco strip and installed a new reflector on the right-side bumper
segment. The tunnel carpet and seat upholstry samples arrived from

Reinstalled right and left bumper segments. Twas a bit of a hassle
to get them to fit. A bit of hammering and bending was required and
the fit isn't all that tight. The right bumper segment had suffered
some collision damage.

Reinstalled rear license plate mounting plate. Twas also a bit of a
hassle getting it to fit. Removed the bottom nut plate, the one with
the broken-off rusted-in 6mm screw, from the left-side bumper guard
attachement. The same nut plate on the other side had already fallen
off due to rust. Glued the battery box vent pipe pieces and flanged
fittings together. Spilled glue all over the vent parts that attach
to the battery box. Will replace.

Commenced design of the rear battery loader. Made a drawing of the
angle iron part of the loader.

Commenced contruction of the rear battery loader. Cut the angle iron
pieces and welded together.

Made a drawing if the wooden part of the rear battery loader. Got
new fittings for battery box part of the battery box vents and glued
pipe pieces into them.

Cut lumber for rear battery loader. Located and drilled pilot holes.

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