Finished removing rear seats and trim. Sound deadening material and
carpeting was glued into place. forward edge of seat belt reel cover
was glued. Will save all this stuff as some of it may be needed.

Contemplated design and installation of rear battery pack. May be
room for five batteries. Rack will be mounted quite high but can't
see any way out of it. Looks like wiring to tail lights etc. should
be rerouted to provide "bolt Room" for securing battery rack.
Heating system mixer boxes (see 6/2/94) should be removed for same

Five batteries in rear would be too wide. There would be no room for
bolts at the ends of the rear rack crosspiece. Moving the rack
forward is not possible.

Removed mixer boxes. Used 13 cans of flux off to remove grease from
areas around where mixer boxes were installed. Cut off protruding
heat ducts, by hand, using a hacksaw blade. Took over two hours.

Ground away any protruding heat duct. Made covers out of thin steel
sheet using mixer box as pattern. Primed covers. Undercoated one
side of covers. Installed covers where mixer boxes were mounted
using original gaskets and hardware.

Started design of rear battery box and rack.

Removed center screw brackets (2) from back seat area. The brackets
were spotwelded on. Broke off and ground remnant flat. Cleaned area
of glue residue. Primed. Painted flat black. There is adhesive
residue all over the back seat area as carpeting was glued on.
Removed some of it.

Continued to remove adhesive residue. Received right-angle drill
head from Sears. Used same to drill out sheared off screw in rear
deck strap anchor bracket. The screw is metric-size oval head
phillips. Have four screws of same size but shorter from strap
anchors mounted on the front of the rear seats. The "nut" is is "T"
shaped and is spot welded to back side of the bracket. Impossible
to remove entirely. There are almost enough threads left to hold

Removed seat. Started removing adhesive residue from left side of
rear seat area. Put away carpet and soundproofing materials.
Reorganized storage area. In process, cleaned some of the grease
off the engine compartment lid. Cleaned more gunk off right
underside near where the wiring harness comes up into engine

Continued design of rear battery rack. Rear crosspiece will sit on
ledge above rear seat depressions. This surface is not level
front-to-back so may need rubber gasket to level things out. Bolt
ends of 35" crosspiece in place with 5/16" hardware 2" in from ends
of crosspiece. Install two or more countersunk 1/4" flathead bolts
in middle section of crosspiece symetrical to centerline. Use 3/16"
by 1-1/2" strap about 34" long on underside of ledge to spread out
attachment forces.

Cut back and left side pieces of rear battery box.

Picked up 8 feet of 3/16th by 3 inch steel sheet.

Cut right side piece of rear battery rack.

Continued to remove adhesive residue.

Took rear battery rack pieces to Foreman's for welding.

Picked up welded partial rear battery rack. Side pieces are not dead
center on crosspiece. Close enough, though.

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