Oiled left-side door latch mechanism so that it works reliably.

Installed new air vent grille and cover. Installed new left-side
rear bumper guard. It fit better than the one of the right.

Adjusted windshield wipers. Masked off primed rusty spot near the
window on the left-side door and painted flat black.

Bought a set of Fuchs alloy wheels off a '72 911 from Campbel/Nelson
Auto Recycling.

Installed new pneumatic struts on front lid. Had to remove the fuel
filler pipe (charger power cable) in order to install the left-side
strut so decided to upgrade the existing 15-amp connector to a
20-amp locking-style connector. Discarded the aluminum cover made
12/26/95. Cut 8 slots into the flanged end of the filler pipe and
hammered out most of the flange. New plug fits inside the end of the
pipe and is clamped in place with a hose clamp. Installed a mating
connector on the wall-to-car charger cable as well.

Removed the front battery box and rerouted the left-side battery
cable. Noticed that the undercoatinbg applied 7/11/96 was still
tacky. Sprayed the inside the fuel tank half with Wurth underseal.

Removed start battery, front battery rack, window washer reservoir
and battery vent exhause flange. Masked off a bit. Sprayed front
area of front compartment with the last of the Wurth underseal.

Reinstalled everything in the engine compartment. Put some water in
the windshield washer and tried it out. The left-side nozzle did not
spray. Ordered a replacement. Replaced seal under outside mirror.

Installed new seals under left-side door handle.

Replaced cowl seal on left-side fender. This was a mistake. Some of
the adjacent paint flaked off. The fenders should have been loosened
and the cowl seals removed before painting. Maybe we can do this
later. Sigh.

Disassembled the used seats that I bought at Campbell Nelson. Will
use the parts to refurbish my seats.

Repaired left-side seat belt except for stitching. Cleaned up left
door trim in preparation to reinstall. Reinstalled the door trim
except for the dreaded rear pocket.

"Repaired" rear door pocket on left door and reinstaled.

Took wheels to Whetnall Polishing in Marysville. Removed the radio
antenna. Tried to install a new antenna. Didn't fit.

Reinstalled the original radio antenna using a new "hemisphere" and
seal gleaned from one of the four other antennas that I tried and
that didn't fit for one reason or another. The old seal had dried
out and hardened. Loosened the left fender bolts and repositioned
the cowl seal. Tightened the fender bolts. Sprayed Wurth (I got
some more direct from Wurth USA!) underseal over rusty spots inside
the left fender.

Installed new left-side windshield washer nozzle. Works. Applied
another coat of flat black spray paint to the top of the front
battery box cover. Messed it up, of course.

Replaced right-side cowl seal. This went pretty well. Less paint
flaked off than on the left side.

Removed the left-side door seal and reinstalled the threshold plate
then installed a new door seal. What a joy!

Removed the interior trim from the right-side door. Replaced the
seals under the door handle. Removed the door stop mechanism. Noted
that the "head" of the aluminium stationary part of the door stop
had broken off. That explains why this door "detents" but opens
wider than the left door. The springs on the moving part are both
intact. Scraped rusty spots inside the door on the bottom and
painted with Corroless. Reinstalled the door trim except for rear
the pocket.

Reinstalled the "repaired" rear pocket on the right door. Taped up
frayed wires near seat-switch connectors. Added an additional cable
clamp to the cable run along the side of the tunnel. Applied rubber
cement between floor and cables all along this run.

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