FBE SmartWatch Package Sep86a
1987 FBE Research Company, Inc.

Dallas Semiconductor's DS1216E SmartWatch is a 28-pin dual-in-line integrated-circuit (IC) socket which contains a full-functioned calendar/clock with a quartz oscillator and a lithium battery. The battery maintains the date and time during computer power-off periods and has a projected life of over ten years.

The SmartWatch calendar function keeps track of the month, date, day-of-week, and year (last two digits only) and properly handles leap-years. The clock keeps 24-hour "military" time with a resolution of 0.01 second and an accuracy to within 1 minute/month at 25 C.

The SmartWatch is designed to be installed as the socket for an industry-standard 28-pin ROM (Read Only Memory) such as is used in most microcomputers to store the monitor program. Such ROM's are usually installed in sockets so that they can be easily changed. The SmartWatch is installed by unplugging the ROM from its socket, plugging the SmartWatch into the ROM's socket and then plugging the ROM into the SmartWatch.

The SmartWatch does not interfere with the normal operation of the ROM which it hosts. However, if a program performs certain specific sequence of operations, the ROM will suddenly become a calendar/clock. Upon completion of calendar/clock data transfers, the SmartWatch automatically returns to being a ROM.

An MS-DOS program is supplied with the FBE SmartWatch package which sets the MS-DOS date and time from the SmartWatch on boot up, allows the SmartWatch date and time to be set and synchronized to an external time standard, and makes adjustments for daylight savings time changes.


Both the DS1216E SmartWatch and the ROM IC can be damaged by static electricity. Handle them as little as possible. Do not remove the SmartWatch from its antistatic foam until ready for installation.When installing the SmartWatch or ROM IC, make sure that all of the pins line up properly with the socket before applying any force.


To install the SmartWatch, complete the following steps:

  1. Refer to the table below to determine the location of the appropriate ROM IC in your computer.
  2. Disassemble the computer, as required, to gain access to the ROM IC location.
  3. Using a small screwdriver or similar tool, carefully pry the ROM IC from its socket. Plug the ROM into the back of the antistatic foam that the SmartWatch is plugged into.
  4. Remove the SmartWatch from the antistatic foam, orient it as shown in the illustration above, start all of its pins into the ROM socket, then push firmly downward until the pins are fully inserted into the ROM socket.
  5. Remove the ROM IC from the antistatic foam, orient it as shown in the illustration above, start all of its pins into the SmartWatch, then push firmly downward until the pins are fully inserted into the SmartWatch.
  6. Reassemble the computer.
Computer ROM IC Location
H/Z-100 Series* U190 on the main circuit board beneath the video logic board.
H/Z-138,148 U477 on the CPU board.
H/Z-150 Series U207 on the CPU board.
H/Z-160 Series U207 on the CPU board.
H/Z-158 U237 on the CPU/Memory board.
General MS-DOS Install under the BIOS ROM. This ROM is usually near the CPU chip. (May be installed under any ROM IC addressable by CPU. Change BASE equate in DSCLOCK.ASM to match ROM segment address and reassemble.)
* Note: Replace the three hex spacers that support the video logic board with the longer spacers supplied with the Z-100 Spacer Kit which was purchased along with your FBE SmartWatch package. [No longer available. Sorry. They were 1/8" longer.]


To install the SmartWatch software on your bootable system disk, perform the following steps:

  1. Boot up your computer. Select (or stay in) the root directory.
  2. Copy the DSCLOCK.COM and DSCLOCK.HLP files to the root directory.
  3. Add the line 'DSCLOCK' to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to run DSCLOCK at boot-up.
  4. Type 'DSCLOCK[SPACE][RETURN' to view the help file.
  5. Follow the instruction to set the SmartWatch.

This completes the software installation. The next time you boot-up, the date and time will be set automatically from the SmartWatch.


The following is a listing of the files included on the distribution disk along with a brief description of each file:

DSCLOCK.COM - This is the program that is used to set the MS-DOS date and time from the SmartWatch, to set the SmartWatch date and time, and to make daylight savings time adjustments.

DSCLOCK.ASM - This text file is the assembly language source code for the DSCLOCK.COM program.

DSCLOCK.HLP - This text file contains the operating instructions for the DSCLOCK program. If the file is on the same disk (and in the same directory) as the DSCLOCK program, an error in the time and date entry when setting the SmartWatch will cause the file to be displayed. A simple "entry error" can be made to cause the file to be displayed by typing:


The DSCLOCK.HLP file is not needed for the operation of the DSCLOCK.COM program and may be omitted from the boot disk in order to save space. [Remember when this mattered?]


For more information about the SmartWatch, you may wish to refer to "Real-Time Clocks: A View Toward the Future" by Steve Ciarcia, Ciarcia's Circuit Celler, BYTE magazine, March 1986, pp. 112-125.


Make sure that the pins of the ROM IC are properly inserted into the SmartWatch. Check for pins that may have "rolled under." Check that the SmartWatch pins are properly inserted into the ROM socket and that none have broken off.


FBE Research Company, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of the FBE DS1216E SmartWatch package that, for a period of 120 days from the date of purchase from FBE Research Company, Inc. or an Authorized Dealer, the DS1216E SmartWatch and software described herein shall be free of defects in material and work manship under normal conditions of use and service. During this period, if a defect should occur, the DS1216E SmartWatch or software diskette may be returned to FBE Research Company, Inc., for repair or replacement, at our option. No statements regarding the FBE DS1216E SmartWatch package performance
or suitability for use shall be considered part of this warranty. This warranty becomes null and void if the DS1216E SmartWatch or software is misused, altered, neglected or otherwise abused. There are no other warranties express or implied.


FBE Research Company, Inc., accepts no responsibility, obligation, or liability for damages including but not limited to loss of profits or benefits aris ing from or consequential to the use or misuse of the FBE DS1216E SmartWatch package.

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