FBE Products List

This list is roughly in reverse order by date, most recent items first. The date in the brackets is when the product's printed circuit card was designed.

For the Zenith EaZy PC computer

  1. EZM-128 Memory Expansion Module [4/90]
    Mounts on the rear of computer; Expands built-in memory to 640k.
  2. EZCOM1 Serial Port Module [10/90]
    Mounts on the rear of computer. Adds a COM1 serial port.
  3. EZCOMBO Memory Expansion/Serial Port Combo
    Items 1 and 2 piggybacked together to form one module.
  4. EZCLOCK Calendar/Clock Module [6/90]
    Piggybacks on any of the above items.

For the Heath or Zenith Model 151 or 161 computers

  1. VCE-150 Video Card Eliminator [8/88]
    Allows removal of video card so that new video card may be installed.
  2. COM3 Serial Port Modification
    Remaps COM2 to COM3; Add Modem at COM2 and still have two ports.
  3. ZP640+ Memory Decoder PAL (640k/704k) et. al.
    Expand RAM on existing card with 256k RAM chips.
  4. MegaRAM-150 640k/704k & 512k RAM Disk et. al.
    Fill RAM card with 256k chips; Get 512k RAM disk + 640k/704k RAM.
  5. LIM150 Memory Modification Package
    Fill RAM card with 256k chips; Get 512k emulated EMS memory.

For the Heath or Zenith Model 148 computer

  1. ZEX148 Daughterboard [4/88]
    Adds 1 full size and 1 half size PC-style expansion slots to main board.
  2. ZP148 Memory Decoder PAL for 704k memory
    Reconfigures main memory to 704k.
  3. ZC148 Calendar/Clock Card [3/86]
    Installs piggyback on the daughterboard expansion connector.

For the Zenith Z-171 (Morrow Pivot) portable computer

  1. MegaRAM-171 Memory Expansion Modification [4/87]
    Fill memory card with 256k RAM chips; Get 640k + 384k RAM disk.

For the Heath or Zenith Model 100 Series computers

  1. ZCLK No-slot Calendar/Clock Module [?/84]
    Replaces existing chip so uses no expansion card slot.
  2. ZMF100 768k Memory Expansion Modification [?/85]
    Alters motherboard to accept 256k RAM chips for 768k total RAM.
  3. ZMF100A 768k Memory Expansion Modification [4/86]
    Improved ZMF100. Easier to install. No soldering required.
  4. ZRAM-205 Z-205 Memory Card Modification [5/86]
    Put 1 Mb on Z-205 RAM card; Use excess 768k as RAM disk.

For the Heath H-89 or Zenith Z-89 computer

  1. SPOOLDISK-89 128k RAM Disk and Print Spooler Card [5/83]
    Microprocessor-based card includes spooled printer interface.
  2. H89UTI Utility Card [1/82]
    Calendar/Clock; 2 Serial Ports; 1 Parallel Port; Math coprocessor socket.
  3. H89RAM 16k Memory Expansion [?/81]
    Piggybacks over existing last bank of memory to bring total up to 64k.
  4. H89PIP Parallel Interface Port Card [11/83]
    Simple, 2 port card. Printer driver software included for CP/M and HDOS.
  5. CABLE Printer Cable
    A ribbon cable with Centronics-style connector. Use with 18, 19, and 21.
  6. SLOT4 Right Side Bus Extender Card [3/84]
    Adds one extra slot to right side bus. Install another card in "full" machine.
  7. H89CTI Parallel Printer Interface Card [?/80]
    Very simple interface card with integral cable. Replaced by item 21.
  8. EPLOT Graphing Software for Epson Graftrax Printers
    CP/M and HDOS programs to make "strip chart" plots.
  9. HDOS Screen Dump Drivers Software
    Prints the screen on Epson Graftrax printer when invoked.

For the Heath H-8 computer

  1. H8CTI Printer Interface Card [?/82]
    Simple printer interface with integral cable. With software. Never sold.

Miscellaneous Items

  1. SmartWatch No-slot Calendar/Clock Module
    A Dallas Semiconductor part. Installs under ROM. With FBE software.
  2. ConfigMaster Configuration Control System
    PC program that allows configuration selection at bootup from a menu.
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