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Crew Biographies
Call him "Mister" Higgins aka Quigley Higgins III
Wandered on to the property on May 2, 1999, and decided to move in. He's black except for a bit of white on his chest. When in for the operation and his shots, the Vet said he was about 2 years old. Skinny then, now about 13 pounds.
Hal aka "The Kid"
Delivered on May 22, 2006, by Cat Central to fill our quota. Adopted by relatives from a shelter. They couldn't keep him because of an allergy problem. Thought to be about 1-1/2 years old. Pale reddish with odd stripes. Very energetic.
Busby Baxter aka Buzz, Buzzie, Buzzer
Hung around for a few weeks, rescued by wife from the cold and rain on January 31, 2008. In for the usual, the Vet said he's about 9 months old. Sweet. Looks French. Although outweighed, he chases Hal to "high ground."
Crew Obituaries
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Stevie (the Wondercat)
A blind Manx stumpie (short tail) of uncertain ancestry about 10 years old when adopted from the Humane Society on February 5, 1998. A "Tuxedo Cat" of medium size he weighed about 12 pounds when adopted. Diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure in June, 2000, he died November 13, 2000. A fine lap cat with a great personality and lots of elan, he will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. Click the picture for a larger one.
She's "The Boss"
Stinky aka "The Boss"
A mystery breed (looks like a Maine Coon) about 6 years old when taken in November 19, 1998, unwanted, after her aged owner died. Medium size, about 12 pounds. She's very shy but can intimidate any other cat. Resembles a dust mop. Her health began to fail in early 2005 and she passed away from kidney failure on December 25, 2005. A fine cat who worshiped my wife, she will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. Click the picture for a larger one.
A rumpie Manx "Princess"
Sophie aka Princess, Squealy
A pure bred Manx rumpie (no tail at all) born February 23, 1993. Small and all white. She weighed nearly 10 pounds at her maximum. The first cat in history to have dining room table privileges. No one knows why. Somewhat aloof. Cranky! Developed several health problems in her later years including Diabetes. She became ill on July 2, 2010, and was taken an emergency vet hospital for treatment. Diagnosed with a kidney infection, she returned home on July 5 on antibiotics and seemed to be doing better. She was weak but still spunky. But, she never really recovered, stopped eating and died suddenly on the morning of July 8, 2010, while being pilled. A cat of unique personality, she scratched everything in the house and peed on the carpet, but she was dearly loved. Click the picture for a few more.
The "Big Guy"
Andrew aka "The Big Guy"
A mystery breed about 3 years old when he was adopted from the Humane Society on November 19, 1997. He was very big (long and tall) and weighed about 19 pounds. He could throw his weight around, but he was a sweetie. Very affectionate. Put down on July 28, 2011, after his long-time health problems took a sharp turn for the worst. Several subsystems did not work well and calificaton of his lower spine damaged the nerves and made it difficult for him to walk. Known as the miracle cat, he rose from the dead several times and, with excellent treatment from his vet, lived for many years beyond expectations. He was a "Wise Old Man" loved by ladies everywhere, several of whom traveled from far away lands to meet him. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. Click the picture for a few more.


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