Birds of Midway Island

Midway Island is an atoll with a coral reef roughly 6 miles in diameter that encloses a shallow lagoon containing several islands. The two principal islands are named Sand Island and Easter Island. The atoll is about 1300 statute miles west and a bit north of Hawaii. The "official" location is Latitude 28 12' N, Longitude 177 22' W.

Sand Island is about 2 miles by 1 mile and Eastern Island is about 1 mile by mile. Both islands are flat and sandy and about 12 feet elevation above mean sea level. Sand Island has been inhabited on an off since the early 1900's and contains considerable imported vegetation which includes many big trees.

Midway was a Naval and Air Force base and is now a wildlife sanctuary. When I was there (1965-67) almost everybody lived on Sand Island and only a few lived on Eastern Island. Some, like me, lived on Sand and worked on Eastern and got to take a nice little boat ride to and from work.

A map of the atoll
Midway Map
Sand Island looking easterly
Sand Island