Cut hold-down attachments.

Had hold-down attachments welded to rack.

Cut ears on hold-downs to length. Drilled holes in ears and in

Installed hold-down hardware. Rack, box and hold-downs together
weighs 66 pounds.

Took rear battery rack parts to Hammer Auto Rebuild to be painted.

Fabricated cover for oil tank hole in engine compartment. Drilled
holes for pop rivets.

Primed and undercoated oil tank hole cover.

Installed oil tank hole cover using pop rivets. Plugged bolt holes
with 3/8" hardware (bolt-washer-washer-lock washer-nut). Undercoated
inside and out. Undercoated bolts inside fender.

Removed rear deck trim. Repaired damaged fastener. Installed rear
deck trim with original hardware.

Contemplated mounting of motor controller. Decided to mount on
bottom of engine compartment. The bottom of mounting plate, which
could have fins, will then be in the air flow under the car.

Looks like motor should be rotated 90 degress left. Removed motor
and repositioned 90 degrees left. Reinstalled and remembered why it
was positioned the way it was. Its the motor bolts, stupid! They
have to be down to line up with motor bracket. Removed motor and
repositioned it to the way it was. Reinstalled. Six hours shot.

Began design of engine compartment stuff. The plan is to attach
brackets to the motor support bracket and the transmission adapter
plate which will support 1/4" thick aluminum floor pieces (which
attach from the bottom) on either side of the motor. Side pieces of
aluminum, bolted to the floor pieces, will contact the rubber seals
around the engine compartment. The motor controller will mount on
the right-side floor piece with a finned heat sink attached below
the floor piece. Aluminum pieces will be black anodized. Throttle
motion will be converted to a flexible cable so that pot can be
located nearer to the controller.

Purchased some 1.25" by 1.25" by 1/8" angle iron.

Cut Rear Engine Compartment Floor Support Bracket.

Completed design of Front Engine Compartment Floor Support (FECFS)
Bracket and began to fabricate parts.

Cut FECFS Bracket out of poster board. Fits fine. Cut rest of parts
out of 1-1/4" angle.

Worked on wiring diagram. Modified cabling in front of car to
position red and red/grn wires from harness near future location of
battery charger. Modified cable harness in engine compartment so
that connector 84 exits on right side near future location of the
motor controller. See Wiring document for details.

Picked up painted battery rack. Took parts for FECFS bracket to
Foreman's and had them welded together. Removed the fuel/oil level
gauge and the oil pressure/temperature gauge. Removed insides of the
gauges in preparation for installing ammeter and state of charge
gauges inside the shells of the old gauges.

Ground welds flush on mounting surfaces of FECFS bracket. Drilled
mounting holes. Installed. Located rear ECFS bracket and drilled
mounting holes. Installed.

Extended the cable from the backup switch in the transmission by
splicing on the leftover fuel pump cable. Routed the cable into the
engine compartment on left side.

Opened up charger to see if there is room enough for the interlock
relay. Yes! Plenty of room. Called Renee at Radar about heat sinks
and fans. She faxed me a page showing Biscuit fan. Ordered two.

Cut a notch in the lower edge of the trim pieces that cover the seat
belt reels so that they will fit over the rear battery rack.

Measured the floor area of the engine compartment. Laid out engine
compartment parts and contemplated wiring. Looks like the control
relays should be mounted with the vertically mounted pot box. Worked
on the wiring diagram. Installed rear battery rack. Installed the
right side seat belt reel cover. Removed the left side seat belt
which needs repair. Installed rear battery box, holddowns and stop
plate. Connected grn/yel wire to fuseblock 1 fuse 3 and routed
through sleeve up to vicinity of charger. Reinstalled windshield
washer. Contemplated installation of starting battery. Decided to
hang it off front of front battery rack, in the middle.

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